Episode 2 – Admin Portals

This week, Mohsin and Dick get together to discuss why it’s taken them so long to get back together, what they’ve been up to for the past few weeks and why in the world it takes multiple admin portals to get everything done within an implementation!


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The Intro!

Welcome to PowerPlatformPod.com! Pull up a chair and stay a while, won’t you? Let Dick Clark and Mohsin Khalid guide you on a journey through Microsoft’s Power Platform, its nuances, intricacies and strengths. DC comes from a largely functional background while MK has been heavily involved in both front and back end development throughout his career. Together, they offer a balanced and holistic perspective on one of the fastest growing enterprise business platforms on the market today! Whether you’re being introduced to the technology for the first time or if you’re an MVP looking to do help your clients with some supplemental material, we hope you’ll find something worthwhile!