Automating the User creation process in Azure

Sooooooooo, yeah. I’ll have to write a few posts to make up for the lack over the weekend…and I’d go into why I didn’t write but, honestly? You’re not my father (unless my dad’s reading this, in which case ‘Hey pops!’), so stop yelling at me already jeezy creezy…

…phew. Ok. Let’s never fight again.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the learnin’.

A requirement came across my desk to figure out a less painful way to add guest accounts to Azure for vendors/visitors/guests who may need to access an app that we are going to build. As any admins out there know, adding guest accounts as one-offs can get annoying real quick if the amount of users you need to create totals more than *grabs abacus and furiously does long hand calculus*…1. So I went hunting and came back with these:

These 2 templates essentially automate the process entirely, whether or not you’re generating the users with a list in SharePoint or even setting up a button or form submission on your apps to set the process in motion via HTTP request.

This may not be the sexiest piece of functionality out there *waves coquettishly to Kanban grid views* but damn if you’ve ever had to sit there and do this manually, this is the type of automation that will make your day a little bit brighter.

What else have you seen out there in the templates that has caught your eye? Whether it’s something that you’ve implemented yourself or if you simply noted it in passing as something you’d like to try?

We’d love to hear about it! And anything else that you want us to dig into.

I’m sorry I yelled earlier. Like I said, let’s never fight again.