Here Goes Nothin’

I’ve been challenged. And, as anyone who knows me understands, that challenge cannot go unanswered! 🙂

My friend and colleague Mohsin Khalid and I have decided to focus a more concerted effort in giving back to the community who has given us so much. So, it’s with very little fanfare that I announce this is where I will be blogging, posting original video tutorials and creating a weekly podcast, hosted by the two of us, in which we explore Microsoft’s Power Platform from both a functional (mine) and technical (Mohsin’s) perspective.

The challenge is to not let this lapse for a year at the least, do 2 posts a week, answer as many Power Platform Community questions as I can (links to the individual community websites below) and record the weekly podcast. It’s…a lot, to be sure. Not to mention that whole pesky full time job, quarantine, home schooling and the other various creative projects I have in myriad states of completeness. So, I’ll need all the encouragement I can get! Please comment, subscribe, follow, bookmark, etc. if you’re at all interested in this stuff cause I can promise you that you’ll find something interesting here…eventually…maybe…actually, nevermind. I can’t make that promise lol. HOWEVER, I’m sure gonna give it that good ‘ole college try.


(Photo Credit: Dick Clark – Neowise in my backyard)


Community Websites:

Power Automate
Power BI
Power Virtual Agents
Power Apps