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Episode 5 – Keeping Up with the PowerPlatformians (?)

Show notes, transcription, etc. This week, DC and Mohsin breakdown the various ways we can stay up to date with all of the various ways that D365 and Power Platform are rapidly evolving. Join us, won't you? And don't forget to subscribe, rate us on the various podcasting platforms and send along any additions to this list!   Podcasts:   CRM Audio   CRM MVP Podcast   Up   XRM Toolcast   Blogs: – 🙂 – 🙂 Usually follow the blogs from the video content we find   MVPs (LinkedIn): Shawn Tabor Scott Durow Donna Edwards Matt Anderson Gus Gonzalez Amey Holden Lisa Crosby Megan Walker Neil Benson Jonas Rapp   UGs:   There are many, many UGs to choose from! Try searching for interesting topics, places, people, etc you'd want to network with and we almost guarantee you'll find something! And, if you can't find one that fits your needs, you can start your own and tailor it to your audience!   YouTube Channels:   Scott Durow: Again, he's just wonderful. Follow Scott.
  1. Episode 5 – Keeping Up with the PowerPlatformians (?)
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